SILENT YACHTS The only footprints you leave behind are those in the sand... SILENT YACHTS The only footprints you leave behind are those in the sand...

Silent Yachts

SILENT-YACHTS presents the first and only oceangoing production yachts in the world that are fully solar sustainable and powered by solar energy. Pure solar-powered luxury.

Conventional motor-yachts are powered by diesel- or gas-engines. Additionally they have a Generator on board to supply all household appliances. Depending on the size of the yacht, two or three diesel-engines are working for propulsion and household. On sailing-yachts, depending on the operational area and the wind- and weather conditions, additionally to the sails a diesel-engine is needed for the propulsion of the boat. When anchored in a quiet bay, the noisy diesel-engine is operated to provide the energy needed on the boat.  Most yachts are using gas for cooking, the open flame heats up the interior of the yacht and cause an imminent threat. On many yachts the consumables like water and energy are managed in a way that enforces the skipper to visit a marina every two or three days to charge the batteries and to buy water for shower and drinking. Larger Yachts operate water-makers, air-conditioning and generators. They do not need to got a marina, but the use of a combustion-engine is inevitably combined with noise, exhausts and vibrations as well as oily films in the water: Not the nicest experience in an otherwise quiet bay.  A conventionally powered boat with diesel engine propulsion has a range of 300 to 500 nautical miles. With a sail the range can be extended, but only when the wind is coming from the right direction and in matching force.

silent 55


Length: 16,70 m  |  Beam: 8,46 m
Draft: 1.20 m  | Solar Generator: 10.000 Wp  |  Cruising Speed: 6 – 8 kt / 12 – 15 kt

silent 80


Length: 24,40 m  |  Beam: 10,92 m
Draft: 1.20 m  | Fuel: 2x 1.500 Liter    Cruising Speed: 8-10 kts

Silent 80 - 3-deck open version (1)

SILENT – 80-3 deck

Length: 24.30 m  |  Width: 10.92 m
Draft: 1.20 m  | Height: 5.50 m  | Deck to waterlevel: 2.10 m

SILENT YACHTS YACHTS Blackline SY44-side 2b (1)


Length: 13.40 m  |  Beam: 7.20 m
Draft: .750 m  | Standard engines: 2 x 30 kW e-motors



Length: 17,99 m  |  Beam: 8,99 m
Draft: 0,93 m  | Fuel: 2x 500 Liter | Water: 500L