Light weight glass/foam composite construction, resin infusion / vacuum bagging for strong and lightweight structure high quality and osmosis resistant vinylesther resin
Watertight bulkheads in several sections and collision-compartments for ultimate safety
Reinforced stub keel protecting propeller and rudder
Impact reinforcements at the bow and along the keel and the waterline
Gelcoat color acc. RAL for all glass fiber reinforced plastic parts
Built in accordance with CE regulations. USCG and MCA on request.

Dimensions and Capacities

Length overall: 24,40 m

Length of waterline: 23,94 m

Beam overall: 10,92 m

Draft: 1,20 m

Deck to waterlevel (bow): 2,70 m

Deck to waterlevel (cockpit): 2,02 m

Bridgedeck hight: 1,20 m

Hight over all: 5,50 m

Light displacement *): 48 tons

Water *): 1.000

LiterWaste-water *): 4x 500

LiterFuel *): 2x 1.500

LiterStandard motors (electric): 2x 80 kW

Battery capacity: 240 kWh