• Light weight glass sandwich composite construction, carbon reinforced
  •  Resin infusion and vacuum bagging for strong and lightweight structure
  • High quality and osmosis free Epoxy resin with high interlaminar shear strength
  • Sophisticated highly torsion resistant hull and bulkhead structure
  • Watertight bulkheads, sealed floor-sections and collision-compartments for ultimate safety
  • Foam sandwich structure of boat acts as thermal and sound insulation
  • Interior furniture acts as reinforcing light weight structure
  • Complete boat in gelcoat laminate surface or gloss polyurethane painted finish
  • Built as standard in accordance with CE regulations. USCG on request.


  • 2 x 30 kW high efficiency motors
  • Cruising speed 6-8 kts, top speed approx. 12 knots
  •  High-efficiency propellers on turnable saildrives – commercial version
  •  Engine controls and control panels at inside and outside helm
  •  Access to engine- / technical-compartments via c and /or via stern entrance
  •  Engine-compartments ventilation: natural aeration and forced extraction
  •  Generator-, engine- and technical compartments sound protected
  •  LED-light in each technical compartment
  •  1 x 250 L fuel tank, with option for ( 2 x 250 L = 500L fuel tanks for range extender)
  •  Equipment includes: – Filtration: pre-filter, water-separator and filter – Fuel cut-out remote control – Fuel filler, aeration – Electric reading gauges on chart table


  •  2 rudder blades with stainless steel rudder shaft (except with turnable saildrives)
  •  Epoxy tube for rudder bearings
  •  Self-aligning upper and lower bearings
  •  Hydraulic steering system (except with turnable saildrives)


  • 24 high-efficiency solar-panels with ~9.5 kWp in total for propulsion and household
  •  MPPT solar charge regulators
  •  Range-Extender 33 kW @ 48 V
  •  Lithium Batteries 48 V, 33 kWh
  •  22.5 V service batteries with 50 A charger
  •  Charger 60 A for 25.2V Batteries
  •  Inverter 5 kVA – sufficient for all standard household appliances
  •  Charge-, consumption- and capacity controls for all electric circuits