Mediterranean - Caribbean - Croatia PRIVATE YACHT CHARTERS


With a unique combination of pleasant climate, beautiful coastline, rich history and diverse culture the Mediterranean region is the most popular tourist destination in the world! In addition, Mediterranean is attracting approximately one third of the world’s international tourists.
With countries to visit such as Italy, the French Riviera and so many more, the Mediterranean is an attraction for yacht charterers from all over the world.


If you are chartering a yacht in the Caribbean you can start your holiday on any of the major islands. Holidays in the Caribbean always offer plenty of sun , relaxation and fun. The high season to charter at the Caribbean is the winter months – Christmas and Easter vacations are ideal and the hurricane season begins at the end of Summer and lasts until October.


Yacht charter in Croatia is one of the most popular holiday options for those who visit this beautiful country. No wonder that Croatia has become one of the world’s top sailing destinations, with over a thousand kilometres of coastline and more than 1100 islands scattered around in the four major regions: Istria and Kvarner, North, Central and South Dalmatia.You will visit the world-renowned cities like Dubrovnik and Split, as well as the multitude of uninhabited islands in Dalmatia.