1. Social Distancing
Stay Away from the Crowds
Sailing itself allows you to keep your distances from the crowd. Being on your private boat, with your family and loved ones is all you need to have an amazing holiday, whilst staying safe. You don’t have to be to overcrowded places, unless you want to. Even when you need to anchor for the night, you can practice your med-mooring skills and use your dinghy to go ashore – if needed. You can pick your private bays, swim and snorkel where no one else does, have a lovely dinner on board, play games, and enjoy a different place/island every day, without having to be packed on a ferry/airplane in order to get from one place to another. Sailing has always been like this, and in a Post Covid-19 world, for many, it’s certainly the Safest Holiday you could go for.  
2. Safest Holiday & Family-Friendly
Don’t feel Lonely. Spend your Holiday with your Family
We understand parents want to ensure that they will pick the safest holiday for their family. Sailing is ideal for families who want to sail with their loved ones only, keeping their distances from the others. Young kids can find numerous things to do on board and enjoy their holiday safely, including swimming, snorkeling, playing boards, learning to sail, and of course, learning all about hygiene, and self-responsibility. It’s also a great opportunity to form stronger bonds within the family. Team working, solving issues  and self-responsibility will bring you closer to your family and loved ones.  
3. Feel Safe & Free
Time to Feel Free Again After the LockDown
After being locked down for weeks, the only thing you need now is to go on a holiday, relax, feel free again, and forget about all the madness the Covid-19 crisis has caused. You can certainly do that if you choose to go sailing – the safest holiday in a post Covid-19 reality. Sea itself makes us feel free, and being on your private boat will be your guarantee that you’re also safe

4. You Can Prepare Your Own Meals
Know What You Eat
The best way to know what you eat, and ensure that you keep all the necessary precautions is to prepare your own meals. All our yachts have a fully equipped galley, and after you do your provisioning, you can prepare everything you want to. Pancakes for breakfast, light pasta for lunch and shrimps for dinner; how does this sound!

Sailing is not only the safest holiday in a post Covid-19 world, but it’s also the most satisfying one.

5. Have your Provisioning Delivered to You
Stay Away from the Overcrowded Supermarket
Without provisions, you can’t prepare your own meals, right? Another reason why sailing is the safest holiday is because, even when you have to re-stock, you won’t have to get off your boat and go to overcrowded supermarkets. How you can do that? Easy – there are many companies that deliver groceries directly to yachts. In the past, these companies were very few, and available only at bigger marinas/ports. Now with Covid-19, more and more shops, even the small ones, offer delivery service free of charge, or at a very small extra cost. This way, you can have your provisioning delivered directly to your boat, without having to wait at the long supermarket queues.  
Bonus Reason Why You Should Go Sailing Post Covid-19:
Going on a Sailing Holiday Won’t Break Your Bank
Many businesses have been affected by the Covid-19, so it’s essential to keep the budget low and save money. Going on a holiday doesn’t mean that you should spend more money than you can afford, and sailing is the best type of holiday to achieve that. With charters, we’re certain that not only you’ll create some amazing summer memories, but you’ll also manage to save money. The safest holiday, and the most affordable one? Yes – let’s get started! SEND US YOUR ENQUIRY Source: https://sailchecker.com/safest-holiday-post-covid-19-go-sailing/