The Mediterranean will drop you into a state of summer bliss if you’re content with the idea of hiring a yacht and spending restful days aboard a full service floating villa with very amicable crew. Each country has its own mood, atmosphere and flavor. Feel inspired and choose a perfect destination that suits your preferences and expectations


  • Fjord-like “Boka Kotorska” – one of the most beautiful bays in the world
  • Towns have a Bohemian vibe – so appealing as it feels much more “lived in”
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites abound
  • A quieter destination, just being re-discovered now
  • Climb the walls above Kotor for exceptional panoramic views
  • Antique towns with much to offer in the way of dining and shopping


  • More than 1000 islands to explore, jewels set in the bluest of waters
  • Ancient ports & medieval towns with Venetian architecture
  • Follow in the footprints of your favourite “Game of Thrones” characters
  • Home to UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Pristine nature & national parks


  • Cruise between bustling island ports and out-of-the-way, tranquil destinations
  • Land of myths, legends and world-class archaeological sites
  • Picturesque islands, each with its own unique atmosphere and stories
  • Beautiful, clear waters and romantic sunsets
  • Tasty, healthy cuisine alongside warm, Greek hospitality


  • ADolce far niente” experience in magnificent Sardinia, Capri, Naples, Sicily and Venice
  • Eat, Pray, Love, Sail” alongside a romantic and artfully indented coastline
  • A place to see and to be seen in summer
  • Pasta, vino, gelato, café in hillside towns and villages
  • History, shopping, nightlife, and “La dolce vita” all in one cruise


  • Combine the French Riviera with a nearby Monaco – two of the world’s most glamorous yachting destinations
  • Charming vineyards, iconic bars and clubs, glitzy beach life
  • Romantic St Tropez, the classic charm of Cannes, adventure-inspiring Corsica
  • The Jet-setters playground of the Western Mediterranean
  • Rub shoulders with A-listers and stars


  • Passionate Spanish culture, magnificent and flaming Flamenco dances
  • The romantic flavours of music, sangria, and delicious tapas
  • Enjoy a stunning blue backdrop from alluring Mallorca to ever-partying Ibiza
  • Feel visual delight in the art of Picasso, Gaudi, Dali
  • Explore the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona


  • Stunning panoramic sea views from the island of dreams
  • Impressive historic sites including baroque churches, cathedrals, museums, galleries
  • Feel the atmosphere of Malta’s capital, an UNESCO World Heritage City
  • Sail into the world renowned Grand Harbour of Valetta
  • Combine a visit to Malta with her sister island of Gozo, also known as Calypso’s isle from the legendary Homer’s Odyssey
  • Tranquil yachting spot for amazing diving, snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing