Sport Sailing: the most popular events in Greece

What is it that makes sailing destinations in Greece, in the Aegean and Ionian, so unique? The often perfect conditions that prevail in the Greek seas make sailing an exciting but safe activity for both beginners and experts? The close contact with nature at its finest, the deep blue of the open sea joining seamlessly with the azure of the cloudless sky? The singular beauty of the islands, the hospitable islanders, the secluded bays and the local festivities that always accompany rallies?

All of the above, not to mention the fact that summer starts here early and ends late, with temperatures hovering around 30 degrees Celsius, warming the wind and the waters. For all these reasons, many rallies take place in Greek waters each year and every time their organisers set a different course.

The Aegean Rally: the oldest and largest sailing competition in Greece, has been held annually since 1964. Organised by the Hellenic Off-shore Sailing Club (POIATH), it attracts boats from the world over and from every corner of Greece. It’s a demanding race that consists of four legs of 100 nautical miles each.

Aegean Regatta: The Aegean Regatta takes place in the Northern Aegean, with easy courses and lots of evening fun. Ionian Rally: Organised along the same lines as the Aegean Regatta, it takes place in three different Greek islands in the Ionian Sea each year. Attica: For those who arrive in Attica by boat, you’re sure to find a race to your liking, since hardly a weekend exists without a sailing event of some kind on the calendar