Health Benefits of Sailing

Sailing is, for some, an irresistible urge to explore the far and nearby shores and all the bounties they offer. However, in addition to satiating your wanderlust, sailing also offers many perks for your well-being.

Manning the Sails, a Path to a Sound Body?

Regardless of how you arrange your sailing holiday, spending time on a boat always requires a certain amount of physical activity and work. During sailing there are various tasks that you partake in, on a regular basis and even though you might not notice immediately, these have some great benefits to your physical health. All that ducking, hoisting and sail trimming develop your muscle strength and also improve your metabolism, agility, flexibility as well as your hand-eye coordination. And when you work up a healthy appetite after all that, you can enjoy some traditional, vitamin-packed, local cuisine.

Sun, Sea and a Fresh Salty Breeze

Another thing that being on a boat absolutely guarantees is spending time outside in the fresh air, surrounded by sea. If you’re sailing during the summer, in addition to enjoying the well known benefits of the fresh seaside air, you’ll also have the opportunity to spend time swimming in the sea and getting your healthy dose of sunshine. Hippocrates, the father of clinical medicine, often regarded numerous healing properties of the sea water which eventually led to the establishment of saltwater treatments we use to this day. Sailing, in fact, enables us to enjoy the perfect combination of all these natural riches.

Sunbathing on the sailing boat

A Peace of Mind No Storm Can Disrupt

This worthy activity doesn’t only affect our physical health but also our sense of peace and happiness. While hearing the sounds of the sea and feeling the breeze and the warm caress of the sun is bound to relax you, the duties you have on a sailboat also carry perks for your mental fitness. The various tasks on board will enhance your focus and concentration and working with your crew members improves organization and communication skills while making your time together all the more meaningful and productive. Ultimately, all these preoccupations that make your time on a sailing boat productive and organized, are also certain to make you leave your cares and worries on land.

Sailing truly is an activity rich with therapeutic experiences that will transform your body and soul. It’s one of those pursuits that push you into realizing what it truly means to live your life to the fullest.

Health benefits of sailing